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Ab - Ovo
Ab - Ovo

Vóór Babel
Before Babel

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In Dutch "Beelden" can have the meaning of sculptures as well as images. Therefore "Beelden van beelden" referes to the images I made based on details of Ada Overwater's sculptures. Ada gets her inspiration from more classical themes and the sculptures at her first show formed a source of inspiration for me. That was the start of the project "Beelden van Beelden".

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Een eerbetoon aan mijn vader
A tribute to my father

An old craft surrounded by an atmosphere of craftsmanship and the romance of distant journeys.

Inspired by the clothes on old paintings, draped fabrics were on my "to do" list. Coincidence does not exist and so I met the Van Vliet family and visited their modern sailmaking company. Transforming technical top-sails, designed with advanced computer technology and made from the highest quality fabrics, to images with the look of the ancient craft. Perhaps that as well is craftsmanship.

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AB Ovo realizes IT projects in the transport and logistics sector from start to finish, or in Latin: ab ovo usque ad mala (from egg to apple, the start and end of a Roman meal). This theme is clearly apparent in the 7-metre wide work of art commissioned by the Works Council as appreciation for the founders and the management of the company at the 20th anniversary.

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Die Texten in "Vor Babel" sind nicht nur wegen der Titel in 4 Sprachen geschrieben, obwohl das sicherlich geholfen hat. Das Thema, das zum Ausdruck kommt, befragt uns was "das Wort" für uns bedeutet.
Ist es wirklich so einfach wie "Am Anfang war das Wort ….." ? Oder gibt es auch alternative Schauweisen? "Vor Babel" will sicherlich nicht die Antwort auf diese Frage sein, aber möchte gerne inspirieren darüber zu denken und über die Einflüsse des Wortes auf unsere menschliche Entwicklung.

De teksten in "Vóór Babel" zijn niet alleen om de titel in 4 talen geschreven, hoewel dit er zeker aan meegeholpen heeft. Het thema, dat tot uitdrukking wordt gebracht stelt ons de vraag wat "het woord" voor ons betekent. Is het werkelijk eenvoudig zo dat "In den beginne was het woord….." ? Of kun je daar ook met een andere blik naar kijken ? Vóór Babel wil zeker niet het antwoord op deze vraag zijn, maar wil aanzetten om over deze vraag na te denken én over de invloed van het woord op onze menselijke ontwikkeling.

The texts in "Before Babel" are not the only reason to write the texts in 4 languages, although it certainly helped. The theme, expressed in text and works of art, asks us what "the word" means to us. Is it really as simple as "In the beginning was the word ... .."? Or can you have another look on this ? "Before Babylon" doesn't give the answer to this question, but wants to stimulate thinking about this question and about the influence of the word on our human development.

Les textes "Avant Babel" ne forment pas la seule raison d'écrire les textes en 4 langues, bien que cela ait certainement contribué. Le thème, exprimé en texte et en œuvres d'art, nous demande ce que signifie «le mot» pour nous. Est-ce vraiment aussi simple que "Au commencement était le verbe... .."? Ou pouvez-vous avoir un autre regard sur cela? "Avant Babel" ne donne pas la réponse à cette question, mais veut stimuler la réflexion sur cette question et sur l'influence du mot sur notre développement humain.

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